Reversing his mirrors on a Sportster way Forty Eight Allow 10 minutes, your basic tools, flat key & BTR For style or because you're tired of seeing your elbows in your mirrors, you may be tempted to position your mirrors down. The operation is super easy with a basic tooling.1) Loosen your turn signals Not completely but just enough for you to move Invert Sportster mirrors 2) Unscrew your original mirrors and reverse them. The left goes to the right, the right goes left. Revisit them from above this time but not completely 3) Sitting on the bike, adjust the position of the mirrors You have to find the right compromise between good vision and make sure that they will not touch the tank when the handlebar is turned all the way. 4) Tighten thoroughly and turn on your turn signals. There, it's done reverse mirrors Our mirrors are in the category Sportster Accessories: Sportster Accessories

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