You park for 5 minutes, you come back and there: Catastrophe! More Sissy bar! You have just been robbed of your removable Sissy bar. This misadventure happened to one of our customers, not in the feared district of a big city but deep in the backcountry in the center of France. The fact is that the system is super convenient but it's still a few hundred euros that can fly in one second. You always have yours then PimpMySports exposes you its solution to secure it at a lower cost. We would have liked to offer to buy a lock antitheft but they have not passed our test quality: It opens really too easily and it is not given then no thank you. This solution is valid for all removable Sportster accessories that use saber brackets. The goal is to avoid opportunistic theft You will need:     From a drill     From a drill for small diameter steel, we'll just put a small padlock in the hole, it's not an apple store either ...     A needle and a hammer     A small suitcase padlock (if your mob sleeps outside, you're on the beach: a small padlock for boat, it will prevent him from rusting too fast) The idea is simple, to detach your removable accessories the black part must swing on its axis and release the back support. We will simply position a lock on the course of the lock to prevent it can open. Removable accessories anti-theft The following, you have already guessed:     Disassemble your sissy bar, it is better to work from the inside     Locate the position of the latch when closed and the path it travels to open. It is with the lock in the closed position that you will work.     A hammer on the needle where you will drill. Not too close to the edge, and not too far otherwise your padlock will not go. No needle? A good screw will do the trick. The marking will help ensure that the drill does not break when you drill.     You are drilling That's it, you've secured your Sissy bar! You do not have a Sissy bar yet, ours are HEREAntivol accessoires amovibles